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“Bill Jaques is like (Boston Red Sox player) Tim Wakefield in the way that he is always there, always reliable – like Mike Lowell, he comes to the ballpark everyday and brings his best game to the park everyday. You know he’s going to make some great plays and conduct himself with utter class every moment that he’s on the field.”

Rob Crawford
Former Director of Development
Park School
Brookline, MA

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The Park School, Brookline, MA

Company Client 2007 - 2009


One of Boston’s leading elementary day schools, Park has a long tradition of outstanding philanthropic support. Beginning in February 2007, Jaques & Company joined forces with Head of School Jerry Katz, the Campaign Steering Committee, and Director of Development Rob Crawford and his staff to work on nucleus fund-raising and overall campaign and program planning. Park's "Foundations for the Future" capital campaign was a $24 million capital improvement program, including a $15 million fundraising component. The funds created additional Lower School classrooms, renovated arts and library spaces, and built the school’s endowment. Company President Bill Jaques served as Park’s counsel.

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